Conversations that Convert by Erika Tebbens

Conversations that Convert

Crush your sales goals WITH CONFIDENCE, and WITHOUT being pushy!

I bet you've been on the receiving end of a terrible sales pitch. And your fear of doing that to someone else is holding you back in your own business.

Let me give an example I'm sure you're familiar with...

Picture yourself walking through a department store. You’re thinking of the dress you need for the wedding on Saturday. Should you go classic black or spice it up with bold color? Maybe you can get some cute new heels on sale to match…

When out of nowhere the woman at the beauty counter appears before you and pulls you from your thoughts. She’s practically shoving a sample in your face and beckoning you to her.

You know how this will shake out and you’re already filled with dread. But you don’t want to appear rude, so you smile and she uses it as a chance to pounce!

Twenty minutes and fifty bucks later you’ve got a new eye cream you’re feeling guilty about buying, and now you definitely cannot buy the new shoes. Not only do you feel stupid for spending the money, but she made you feel like your eyes look old and tired too. Lovely.

As a business owner you’re certain you’ll have to be just like this in order to make a lot of money in your business, but that’s just not true!

Could you convince people to buy from you? Sure!
But do you really want to? Hell no!

You’re about to learn a way that works and won’t make you feel like a human infomercial. 
Say no more! I'M IN!

This course is going to rock your selling world!

Conversations that Convert will have you selling like a pro in no time!

The modules are simple, yet powerful.

You can complete the entire course in under two hours. This means not having to wait a day longer struggling with what to say to potential clients.

There's a mix of written lessons, video lessons, real-world sales conversation examples, and a template where you can make your own sales conversation game plan.

This means you'll have an expertly crafted idea of what to say when talking to potential customers or clients, and you won't be uncomfortably "winging it" anymore.

Whether you sell a product or service, this course will work!!

Network marketers: I've even added some specific tips just for your industry too!

{BONUS CONTENT- $375 Value}

I've included a bonus section on handling hesitations when they come up (and they will), so you can be ready with the perfect responses, and not lose the sale.

And I've included a brand new guide with sample sales conversations for both product and service-based businesses. See real-life examples of conversations that convert!

If you were to hire me to figure out your sales conversation flow for you it would cost you easily twice as much. And you'd have to wait until our appointment to get it done.

But when you invest in Conversations that Convert you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to this powerful training for less than $50! {Normally $197}

Why waste another week struggling through sales conversations? How much time do you really have to research all of this on your own? How much money are you losing in the meantime?
I'm not waiting any longerI WANT IN!

What others have said about Conversations that Convert:

"I used the SALES method you taught and tried to incorporate the upsell during checkout. More often than not, the customer agreed to the upsell! It may have been small but every dollar counts so i consider it a win! Having a process or formula to start conversations was so beneficial going into the day."
Christy R.
"In the 90 minutes it took me to view the course materials for CTC, I was able to identify easy ways to change my habits and my thinking. The practical examples drove home the points you were making and demonstrating actual use of the SALES method. It doesn't matter if you sell a product or a service, the process is the same, and the steps are the same. The sample template helped me figure out how to use the worksheet and what to put where. I've been able to implement the steps in my conversations easily and naturally. I have been able to make my clients feel valued, no matter what they wind up purchasing."
Jill F.
"Erika said she could make sales not feel so yucky and man did she deliver! Not only do I not feel gross about marketing and selling my services, but she helped me see the true value of what I do for others."
Katie P.

Who this course is (and isn't) for...

This course is absolutely for you if:
  • You're a no-excuses, action taker! You believe in your business and yourself, and you are determined to be successful.
  • You are coachable and open to new ideas. I'm not going to teach you to do anything "icky," but I am going to encourage you to try some new things you probably haven't already. If you have an open mind and are ready to try something new that works, then this is for you. 
  • You are pressed for time. Sure, there are a bajillion books about sales and marketing out there, but you don't have weeks (or even months) to read them. You need a quick and effective solution right now. 
This course isn't for you if:
  • You're simply looking for a sales script to follow. Spoiler alert: those one-size-fits-all scripts that some people peddle are too robotic and impersonal. They might work every now and then, but with my template, you'll be able to create your own sales conversation framework that works for you AND your potential clients. If you do want more specific help for your business, we can always work together in one-on-one session.
HECK YEAH, Sign Me Up!

Let me introduce myself...

Hey, I'm Erika!
I've been selling for over 20 years in corporate retail, small business retail, direct sales, and online.

I've had a lot of success in all three because I've found a way to sell that feels fulfilling and fun instead of "pushy."

And the best part is that it works! In fact, it works so well, it gets your clients coming back AND telling their friends about you.

But as much as I love selling, I love teaching even more. I cannot wait for you to learn my secrets to selling success!
Ok, Erika, I'm IN!

What's included?

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Welcome to Conversations that Convert! {Video}
Top 5 Tips for Selling Success
Top 5 Tips for Selling Success {Video}
SALES method Graphic
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My S.A.L.E.S. Method
My S.A.L.E.S. Method {Video}
{EXAMPLE} Product-Based Business Conversation
Product-Based Business Conversation Example {Video}
{EXAMPLE} Service-Based Business Conversation
Service-Based Business Conversation Example {Video}
Handling Hesitations {Video}
5 Tips for Direct Sellers/Network Marketers
A Note on the Worksheets...
Conversations That Convert Worksheets
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Sample Conversation Guide
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What's Next... {Video}
{BONUS} Ethical Selling During Difficult Times (or Anytime!)

You CAN make more money without complex systems or sleazy sales tactics.

Erika Tebbens is a Business Strategist & Coach for female, and gender expansive entrepreneurs. She teaches womxn to sell in a way that feels good, instead of "pushy." 

She's also a leader and speaker who encourages women to play bigger and show up more boldly in business, and in life. 

She runs a sales-focused group coaching program called the Success Squad, works privately with highly-motivated entrepreneurs, and offers self-paced sales and marketing courses. 


What if I change my mind about the course?

Because of the smaller length of this course, and the price point, I'm not offering refunds on this product, at this time. 
If you have any issues, please email me at

Is this for product-based or service-based businesses?

Both! My S.A.L.E.S. method is universal and I give specific examples for each industry.

Can you guarantee I'll be able to close every sale after I take this course?

No, there's no way I can guarantee that. Learning how to sell is a skill, much like learning a sport or an instrument. The more you practice it, the better you'll get. 

Also, it's important to remember that not everyone you speak to will be your ideal client. That's ok! Keep trying to find more of your ideal clients, and use my method to easily walk them through the sales process.